Goats Milk Liquid Hand Soap

Goats Milk Liquid Hand Soap

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This Fabulous soft on the skin Liquid Soap, comes in a convenient pump bottle and is scented in a variety of different fragrances.

Chocolate: A natural rich chocolate fragrance that will leave you wanting the real thing.

Drakkar Type*: This beautiful men's fragrance has captured the senses of many. With hints of Spice Berries, Citrus, Lavender and Amber this fragrance may be aimed at men but it has appeals to many women as well.

Passion Flower: This Fruity Floral fragrance, has plenty to offer, with a balanced blend of, Passionfruit, Violet, Cassis, Vanilla Bean and Musk.

Fresh Apple: There is nothing better than the smell of fresh crisp Apples and this fragrance captures that perfectly.

Cucumber Melon: This blend smells more of melon than cucumber but definitely smells pink and fresh. A fantastic blend of spring or summer fragrances.

Sandalwood & Amber: Smooth, sensual, rich, exotic, and mysterious... Sandalwood and Amber is such a wonderfully woody blend of patchouli, vetiver and cedar wood.
Weight: Approximately 250ml
Ingredients: Liquid Goats Milk Soap, Soap Colour, Chocolate Fragrance, Cucumber Melon Fragrance, Fresh Apple Fragrance, Passion Flower Fragrance, Drakkar Type* Fragrance, Sandalwood & Amber.

Disclaimer: Colour and fragrance may vary from one bottle to the next. Please make sure to select the appropriate fragrance as we can not swap products once shipped.